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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Finally Fixed: Battery Drain on LG G5 (Android 7.0)

The Issue / Troubleshooting

I own a LG G5 since almost a year and I knew from the beginning: Battery life of this device leaves much to be desired.

Anyway, I could get around a day without charging the device at night. But, some months ago, my device suddenly gets hot and sucks my battery empty. First I thought, my battery is the culprit. So I ordered a new one from the brand NOHON. But still, battery life wasn't any better, so I thought, it must be an app going crazy (because of the high cpu usage). Turning of GPS and Sync didn't help, neither any battery statistics app. I couldn't identify the accountable app.
My new battery
My wife uses a Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Her phone identified a banking app as a cpu/battery hungry app - same app I use too. So I deinstalled that one. But didn't helped. And I did not want to do a factory reset until Oreo has its release on the G5.

Make your battery life great again!

Googling around I stumbled over a hint: Google Play Services. Deleting the data. Hmm... it's worth a try. So I deleted the data of my Google Play Services App.

Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Services > Data > Managa Data / Manage Space > Clear All Data.

And then - all of a sudden - my device finally stays cold, doesn't heats up anymore, and my battery life is back! After a day, in the evening, I still have 50% juice! Nice!

So in order to mark the occasion, I bought a new leather case. Period.
Labeled "pierre cardin - genuine leather", ordered in china
...and still waiting for Oreo...

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